I am a former school teacher and am now a full-time English tutor. Putting the Joy back into Learning English is my specialty and passion.

My tuition classes are for Primary Three to Six students. Held in my house, in Bedok South, each lesson is two hours long.

My lessons are geared towards preparing students for PSLE. They incorporate composition, comprehension, cloze, oral and grammar. Students are exposed to newspaper reading and other reading materials such as AdventureBox (lower Pri), DiscoveryBox and Readers’ Digest (Upper Pri). These reading materials and other award-winning books (Newbury books) are available for loan from my library.

My tuition classes aim to fill the gap in schools, whereby, due to large classes, students do not get enough attention. They lack the opportunity to discuss their views and ideas. Due to time pressures, their compositions are also often not marked in detail.

I cap my class at five students. With a small group setting, I can analyse my students’ weaknesses and help my students to overcome them. All my students’ compositions are also marked in detail, with constructive feedback. Model compositions by other students and me accompany each composition.

I believe English is best learnt in a group, as group tuition allows cooperative learning to take place and reduces the boredom and monotony of one-to-one tuition.

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You may email me if you are interested in the lessons.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs Tan Chew Ling


What Parents Say

“Alfie enjoys the lessons and finds that his synthesis and composition have improved. You have also helped to instil some discipline in him.”

  • Tan Tong Ling, parent of Alfred Potts (P6’23), Opera Estate Pri

    “Mrs Tan is a very nurturing teacher. Julien has grown to be more confident and has also improved in his language under her guidance.”

    • Dawn Seow, parent of Julien Rohr (P5 ‘21 to P6’22), St Stephen’s School  

      “Lessons are well-organised and Mrs Tan has made the effort to make learning interesting. My child looks forward to attending classes as a result of Mrs Tan’s enthusiasm.”

      • Jennifer Seow, parent of Alyssa Tan (P4 '21 to P6'23), Red Swastika School

      "We appreciate the effort by Mrs Tan to provide candid feedback about Darius’s behaviour and attitude beyond the tuition work."

      • Danny Ho, parent of Darius Ho (P4 '21 to P6'23), St Stephen’s School

      “Lessons are organised and well-structured and there is close follow-up on work done/ given.”

      • Alex Cornelius, parent of Ethan Marc Cornelius, (P4 '20 to P6 '22), St Hilda’s Pri

      "Dear Mrs. Tan, Thanks so much for your support and effort in guiding Daylen. You have indeed put the joy back into learning. It is no exaggeration to share that Daylen is always looking forward to attending your class every Sunday. He has requested to skip some classes, but certainly not yours:)."

      • Jennifer Seow, parent of Daylen Tan (P6 '18), Red Swastika School

      “Hi Mrs Tan, Thank you for your efforts and patience in teaching Isaac. I am glad that I have sent him to you. He always enjoys your lessons.”

      • Cindy Chan, parent of Isaac Quek (P5 '17 – P6 '18), Maris Stella

      "Jody has improved in her compositions. She really enjoys going to your class. Jody says you are both firm and approachable, the type of teachers she likes and is comfortable with."

      • Mrs Teh, parent of Jody Goh (P5'14 - P6'15), St Hilda’s Primary School

      "Jiaxuan enjoys her lessons and is thus able to learn English without much stress. Thank you, Mrs Tan! I have also benefitted from her notes."

      • Mrs Zhou, parent of Zhou Jia Xuan (P3’13 to P6’16), East Spring Primary School

      "Young Yit’s English has improved by leaps and bounds since he started his lessons with Mrs Tan two years ago. He enjoys all his lessons and always has always good words to say about Mrs Tan and her lessons. I am also impressed by his improvement in English. Thank you very much and this is indeed the right tutor for my sons."

      • Mrs Lee, parent of Lee Young Yit (P4'11 - P6'13), Poi Ching Pri

      "Thank you for your excellent teaching over the last five years. Yin Teng has learnt a lot from you. Most important of all, you have stimulated an interest in learning the language and the impact will be life-long."

      • Mr Koh, parent of Koh Yin Teng (P2'07 - P6 '11), Lian Hua Pri

      “I like the newspaper reading materials you prepared for the students as we know most of them are not reading newspapers proactively. Brendan likes your lessons very much as you shared your experiences with the class – it makes it very lively and more interesting.”

      • Mrs Ang, parent of Brendan Ang (P4'09 - P6'11), St Anthony's Pri

      “Lessons are comprehensive which include compositions, vocabulary, comprehension and oral. It’s a complete package.”

      • Mrs Koh, parent of Sherwyn Koh (P6'11), Maris Stella
      What Students Say

      “Dear Mrs Tan, I really do enjoy your lessons a lot and I looked forward to them every week! I’ll remember what you have taught me and apply it even in Secondary school! I’ve improved a lot, especially in Composition and Comprehension, as well as Oral.”

      • Alyssa Tan (P4 ‘21 to P6’23), Red Swastika

        “Dear Mrs Tan, you helped me with Oral and Reading Aloud, which allowed me to gain more confidence in myself and not to be so scared during Oral. I have learnt not to be scared of making mistakes and to try, and that even if it is wrong, it is fine. You also taught us to persevere and not give up. Thank you.

        • Ng Shi Tong (P6’23), Kong Hwa Pri

          “Dear Mrs Tan, I think that over the past 4 years, you have been instrumental to my growth and development not only in English, but also in terms of character and discipline. You have also helped me to do work faster and learnt how to concentrate so I would like to thank you.”

          • Ng Tien Kai (P3 ’19 to P6’22), Tampines Pri

            “I’ve learned to read more books. I enjoy learning English in your tuition class as I find it easier to understand and I can improve more. I have also learned how to be more resilient and to be more responsible in our work.”

            • Tricia Chong (P4 ’20 to P6’22), CHIJ Katong

              “Dear Mrs Tan, thank you for helping me and guiding me throughout this year. I have learnt a lot from you such as how to write a good compo and the correct spelling for certain words. However, moral values are the most important thing I have learnt from you. You have also taught me how to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. I can see that you have tried your best to help me. Thank you, Mrs Tan!

              • Jethro Khoo (P6’22), St Hilda’s Pri

                “Dear Mrs Tan, Every Tue, I will look forward to your classes. I have learnt a few things but the few main things I have learnt is that nothing can be done if I don’t try and I should not expect anything if I don’t make the effort.”

                • Janelle Chew (P6’21), Poi Ching Pri

                “The lessons are very engaging and I have learnt a lot of new good words and phrases. The teacher is very nice and funny.”

                • Paige Lee, (P4 '21, P6 '23), CHIJ Katong Pri

                "Dear Mrs Tan, I will miss your way of teaching and your kindness. I have a list of what I will miss: 1. Your enthusiasm 2. Your books and your stories. "

                • Grace Ling Koy, (P4 ’18 –P6 ’20), St Hilda’s Pri

                “Dear Mrs Tan, I have learnt a lot from you. You always give me feedback on how to do better in my EL and have helped me improve a lot in my SW and compo.”

                • Joy Chua (P4 ’18 –P6 ’20), Tao Nan Pri

                "The lessons are fun and interesting. I learn something new after every lesson. The teacher is also patient and she would explain things to me patiently if I do not understand."

                • Charlene Chua (P6 ’19), St Hilda's Pri

                "Dear Mrs Tan, Thank you for teaching me how to write better compos and helping me with my Grammar."

                • Aiden John Cornelius (P6 ’19), St Hilda's Pri

                "Dear Mrs Tan, I want to thank you for teaching me in P5 and P6. You have been a great teacher!"

                • Kevez Lee (P5 '18 - P6 ’19), Ngee Ann Pri

                "Dear Mrs Tan, Thank you for teaching me English! You motivate me to read more and I improved my English drastically. Thank you!”

                • Clare Phan (P5 ’17 to P6 ’18), St Hilda's Pri

                "Dear Mrs Tan, During these past years, I’ve learnt a lot from you, including things that we can apply in life such as working hard to achieve success. I’m very happy and grateful that I have a tutor like you. Thank you so much!"

                • Liew Zi Xuan (P2 ’13 to P6’17), East Spring Pri

                "Dear Mrs Tan, Thank you so much for teaching me. I used the phrases you taught and got high marks in my compositions. I have learnt strategies from you, such as how to remember grammar rules. At the same time, you also taught me many things about life. Once again, thank you for your patience and effort in teaching me."

                • Bryan Tan (P4 ’15 to P6 ’17), Yu Ming Pri

                “Thank you, Mrs Tan! You have helped me to improve in my English. I look forward to class weekly!”

                • Cheng Hsin Yu (P5’14 to P6’15), St Hilda's Pri

                “Mrs Tan carries out her lessons clearly. I never feel bored in class and it’s always enjoyable. She always explains and clears my doubts.”

                • Sarah Koh (P5’14 to P6’15), St Hilda's Pri

                “The teacher is engaging and fun. The lessons are interesting and useful with a kick to them.”

                • Tan Jun Hao (P3’12 to P6’15), Feng Shan Pri

                “Dear Mrs Tan, during these three years, I have learnt a lot from you. My compo and grammar have improved tremendously. Playing games at the end of each lesson relieves our stress. Thank you for your teaching! ”

                • Lee Young Yit (P4’11 to P6’13), Poi Ching Pri

                “Dear Mrs Tan, I have learnt that English can be fun. I also learnt how to write better compositions and my grammar has improved. I like the storybooks I borrowed from you."

                • Koh Wen Hao (P6’13), Temasek Pri